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We offer literally thousands of clips spanning the last 20 years.

We have them listed on several different sites because not all sites allow all content but rest assured that if the clip store is listed here its legit and ready to offer you our clips





Clips 4 sale

The Original.

The clipstore that came before them all and is the giant in the field.

We have over 5000 clips listed here

Freeze, Fembot, Vampire, Hypno, Pantyhose, Superheroine, etc 
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Niche Clips

For Sleepy, Necro, Horror clips.

Might be a little harder to join than others because they are very exclusive but dependable 
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Patreon for Sleepy

Want 4 chloroform sleepy movies every month for $10

Want 10movies for $15

This is where the sleepy clips Live now 

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