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Welcome to EvangelinevonWinter.com

The Northeast's largest fetish producer


Evangelinevonwinter.com is run by Fetish model Evangeline von Winter and her husband.

It currently holds the title of the Northeasts largest fetish producer frequently producing content for over 25 fetish niches, Hiring between 12-20 models each month.

Filming a wide range of fetish niches (the list grows to include new niches every year) we have become a recognized name in the fetish industry.

The company has an established and well respected name within the fetish community priding itself on producing quality content for its clients and customers while also creating and maintaining a healthy working relationship with the models that work for it.

While the company does shoot content for other producers this is a rare occurrence

As of September 2014 Evangeline will "retire" from active modeling with photographers and producers choosing to focus her energies on the growing empire that is her company. The rare exceptions are (and continue to be) working with model/producers the company hires to shoot for its many niches.

New models always welcome


We shoot several times a week and shoot a wide range of fetishes. from basic, tame bra and panties to full sexual contact and sexual activities. No matter where you fall on this spectrum we have the ability to find some work for you

What does it pay?

Rates are determined by what kind of content we are shooting with you and what your level of experience is. Payment is always made in cash at the end of the shoot day unless you ask for alternate method (paypal, check, chase quickpay, etc)

How do I book a shoot?

Pretty easily! just Contact Us and let us know when you will be coming to visit NYC

Custom Video Provider

Why order a custom with us?

We have a long track record and can boast the highest custom client retention. Many of our custom clients return frequently to help us develop the custom movie of their dreams. We also have a large number of fetish models shooting with us, some choosing to only allow us to shoot certain content with them. What that means is that if your fantasy custom involves a recognized model who doesn't usually shoot your favorite content there is a chance she will shoot it with us!
Our custom prices are also among some of the lowest in fetish production without sacrificing quality content.

If you wish to have a custom made just join our maining list. every month we release models that are coming to shoot with us and are available for customs. Members of the mailing list get up to 25% off of the regular price of customs and are treated to free customs, and free movies from our library every month!

this is not something thats made available to just anyone. we restrict it to just our mailing list clients.

So just click Below and join our mailing list. You dont have to give your real name, but we require your real email address since thats how the mailing list is deleivered.

Join the mailing list

We currently shoot:

  • Pantyhose.
  • Sleepy.
  • Freeze.
  • Super-heroine.
  • Fem-bot / Robots.
  • Sticky/ Stuck/ Struggle
  • Hypnosis.
  • Erotic Horror.
  • Foot Fetish.
  • Forced Stripping.
  • Embarrassment.
  • Cunt Busting
  • Damsel in Distress
  • Apron Fetish
  • F/F Face Smothering
  • Spanking
  • Tickling.
  • Vampire
  • Masturbation
  • Cuckolding
  • Leather gloves
  • J.O.I
  • H.O.M.
  • Belly Punching
  • Upskirts
  • Lost Bets
  • Aem Wrestling
  • Alien/Monster
  • Bionic
  • Comedy
  • Lipstick application
  • Hand-jobs
  • Foot-jobs
  • Lesbian Fantasies
  • Bondage
  • Blow-jobs
  • Giantess
  • Sexy games
  • Female Fighting
  • If your fetish isn't represented here contact us about the possibility of making it happen for you

Custom Costs:

Customs are priced by how long the custom is and how many models are used for your movie.

Movies are usually three lengths:
10-15 minutes long
20-30 minutes long
40-60 minutes long
Models used are usually:


Before ordering a custom please read through all of these points.
1) We shoot as many as 30 customs a month. Customs are shot and edited in the order they were received. This means your custom could be ready for delivery within 5 days of shooting or as long as 4 weeks!
2) We do not give the exact date of shoots. This is done for the models safety! Please do not ask what day the custom will be shot.
3) When submitting a story please give all the details you want the story to have. Before we accept payment we will ask you if this is the final version. After payment is received no changes will be accepted.
Contact us using the contact field below and ask any questions you may have about ordering a custom through us..


Fetish Movie Downloads

We offer many different ways to order your favorite fetish movie. We have our own domains and shopping carts for some of our content and use clips sites for others. The clips sites used have all long track records of providing quality fetish products safely.

Our Patreon Pages



We have Created a few patreon pages for those looking for a way to support us directly


Super Heroine




While virtually new this system offers things C4S doesn't and has its merits as well. Best for people who do not like using c4s

Eclipstore is a failed experiment and we are no longer offering our movies there




both C4S and Eclipstore both have regulations as to what it can and cant sell. Nicheclips is a catchall for everything else. (browse at your own risk)

We are no longer associated with Nicheclips. We ask that you contact us directly for sales of horror content


contact to company

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Contact us about:

  • Ordering a custom
  • Hiring you a s a model
  • Questions about our company/products

We would like to thank all of our loyal fans and custom clients for all their dedication and loyalty. It is because of your dedication to our company and our services that we have managed to attain the title of "Largest fetish production company in the North East" It doesn't escape us that we owe this all to you and we want to thank you for your past and current patronage.